Introductory - no prior dance experience in particular style

1,2,3 - beginner, intermediate and advanced prior dance experience

Whether you prefer private instruction, join a group or create your own,we offer classes for every level, from newcomer to advanced. Each group class is capped at 10 to15 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need. All classes are offered on prepaid or pay as you go basis and can be reserved on this page. If a class gets full, you will be notified and offered a complimentary admission the next time this class is offered.

Salsa groove

Introductory level


This is the class for those who are looking to start grooving to the hottest dance on the planet.  No partner or prior dance experience necessary, just show up and we'll make sure you have a great time! 

Ballroom hits

Introductory level


Have you ever wanted to feel like a princess in a fairy tale?  In this class you'll learn how to glide across our ballroom floor in Waltz, Foxtrot and Tango.  Well, maybe not quite glide yet but it's a start.

Swing time

Introductory level


Swing, Lindy, Jive, West Coast, East Coast, Hop, Jitterbug - get to know a bit about them all as they are part of the longest, most upbeat era of music and dancing worldwide.  Kick, jump, twist and enjoy!

Disco fever

Introductory level


Welcome to your perfect social dance class.  From the 70's hits to today's most popular tunes we'll show you how to dance while attending a wedding, a holiday party, a fundraiser or a friend's party.


Tango fusion

All levels

A unique combination of classical Tango and sensual Argentine milonga is what you'll find here.  This class is offered frequently in different levels due to its popularity among creative individuals passionate about the dance.

American Rhythm & Smooth

Levels 1,2,3

We invite everyone from social to competitive dancers to learn more about most popular adult style of dancing in America.  Everything from sensual Rumba to the nostalgia of Swing, flowing classic Waltz to the uplifting and fun Merengue.  

International Latin & Standard

Levels 2,3                   

We offer these classes to those who have studied international technique before and would like to further their knowledge.  May it be step patterns, details of the technique or styling elements of your performance.


Levels 1,2,3

Join this class if you would like to perform with us in one of our semi-annual shows dedicated to raising funds to support From many, One or Stand Up To Cancer foundation.  Choreography is creative, yet simple and well explained so it's always enjoyable and we have fun.


Group fitness classes:

$15 per person pay as you go

$125 for any ten classes

$150 one month unlimited

Group dance classes:

$22 per person pay as you go

$185 for any ten classes

$250 one month unlimited, including fitness


Private dance lessons:

Schedule your complimentary lesson today

$75 pay as you go

as low as $62 with a package purchase



Special offers:

Complimentary introductory private lesson

Complimentary group fitness one week trial

Complimentary group dance class trial

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